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Generate a great visual impact of your projects with exterior renders

Thanks to exterior renderings, landscaping, urban planning and architecture projects can be visualized more clearly.

Exterior 3D images have the power to explain the relationship that the project has with its surroundings. That is why at Fireflies we work with different methodologies that allow us to give a complete vision of the space that is being captured.

Exterior renderings we have worked on

All about exterior renderings

What is an exterior rendering?

The first impression is what counts and what better way to demonstrate it than with the representation of the facade of your project or property. Well, an exterior rendering is the way in which, through detail, the viewer can get an idea of ​​the place’s location in time and space.

The most common exterior renderings are usually the facades of houses for real estate projects as well as facades of corporate buildings, urbanizations and public spaces such as parks, museums, educational centers, among others.


What sectors need 3D exterior render?

The sectors that can benefit the most from the use of 3D exterior images are architecture and urban planning offices, construction companies and real estate companies, since they become a key tool when selling a project. A good exterior rendering will enhance the space and generate greater attraction for potential customer.

It is a very useful resource for working together with public administrations and private companies to develop images of facilities such as cultural centers, educational and health centers, among others.


The importance of the environment in 3D exterior renderings

Here you have the option to choose between a daytime render or a night time. If it is a daytime render, we will recreate the project with natural light to give it a greater sense of reality.
A night time render will allow you to focus on the details of light that the facade will have to be illuminated at night. The time of day chosen will be key to giving more information to the client about the vision of this space.

Landscaping and urban planning
These are the elements that help to understand the project environment. An example of this is the vegetation, the furniture, the urbanization, etc.

Here are allthe elements that bring life to the render, such as: people, objects and that allow the viewer to know how this space looks and where it is located.


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