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We have designed this section to resolve the most frequent doubts and questions from our users about our architectural visualization services. Check the dropdown for more information

To start your project with us you can contactus through the form or schedule a visual strategy session that allows us to know your project in detail. With all the necessary information collected, we will proceed to give you a personalized quote, availability and delivery times.

The value depends on the conditions of each project and client. That is why our recommendation is to request a visual strategy session to evaluate the requirements and give an exact price.

Likewise, we have a list of approximate prices per service so that you can have a reference.

To start a render we will need the plans or drawings of the project preferably in CAD, Revit or PDF format. However, any other type of visual file that helps complement the idea of ​​the project will be useful to us.

Yes. You can request a modeling review and two visualization reviews: the first on the point of view and the second on the final result. If after these revisions you wish to make additional changes, the initial budget will have to be revised.

The payment of your project must be made in two batches. 50% at the beginning and the remaining 50% will be paid once we have your approval on the final renders.

Yes. Although we are a studio located in Barcelona, ​​we work remotely for other countries. Distance is not a limitation for any type of project since our team is trained to attend requests from anywhere in the world.

The standard time is usually between one and two weeks. However, the exact number of days will depend on several factors such as the type of project, complexity, among others.

If the project requires delivery in less than a week, we can develop it by charging an additional value for the express service.

Contactand tell us all the details of your project to give you a more exact time.

Our office is located in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona (Spain).
Remember that if you want to start a project with us, it is not necessary to do it in person. You can do it through the contact form on our website or by telling us about your project at [email protected]

We offer multiple architectural visualization services: 360 virtual tour, 3D animation, and 3D models. Learn more about each of them on our servicespage.

Of course. During the process of your project we will be in constant communication to resolve your doubts, show you the progress and that you are aware of its status.

Yes. You can schedule a free visual, face-to-face or online strategy session, so that you can tell us in detail what you expect from your project. In this way we can give you a budget and a delivery time adjusted to your specific needs.

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