In recent years, more and more industries have used renders as a support tool for working. The history of 3d rendering started in the 1970s when the American computer graphics researcher Martin Newell rendered the first object, a teapot (link). In the following years, renders were introduced into many other industries, such as architecture and music videos. Nowadays, they are used in a large number of industries, here is a list of the main ones: 

  • Real estate industry. Companies in real estate industry have improved communication with their clients by using renders. Customers obtain more information with renders than with the plans. Therefore, professionals can avoid the potential problems with customers caused by a lack of knowledge. Consequently, the sale process becomes more effective and efficient. 
  • Entertainment industry. Entertainment is the most visual industry where we can observe 3D technology. Most of the current films use rendered videos. Sometimes the whole film is made with renders but others only a part of it. 
  • Architecture and interior design industry. Architecture studios use renders along the whole process of creation. From the very first step in order to know about the main aspects of the project, to the last step for showing the final result to the customer. Architecture studios with the support of renders achieve a great control of the project and the customers can have an accurate idea of the future project. 
  • Healthcare industry. In the field of medicine, the support of renders is really important. This technological advance helps to identify and diagnose certain medical problems. Also, it is used to craft body parts to repair damaged organs. 
  • Marketing and advertising industries. In the last years, with the growth of ecommerce, companies are turning to renders in order to show their products. By doing so, they can show their products with full control over all parameters and without needing to manufacture them.  
  • Manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry uses renders from the begging of the process of conceptualization to the final result. It allows creating a large number of 3d product prototypes and to have a total control of the element. 
Render Oven for Goven by firefliesrenders

In brief, renders are an important support for many industries. In the next years, the 3d rendering will continue to revolutionize more industries.  We are only in the beginning of the 3d rendering era.  

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