Architects and designers have always communicated their ideas to customers using plans and drawings. However, these tools can generate frequent misunderstandings due to their many limitations. At present and thanks to the advances in technology, renders are a new potential graphic support with the ability to improve the communication between the professionals and their customers. Renders allow watching the final result of a project with all kinds of details, from the real texture of a wall to the precise lighting level of an interior space. As a result, customers get an accurate idea of the project without requiring technical expertise. Currently, the industries that use the support of renders are:  

  • Architecture. To show buildings interiors and exteriors and their aerial view.  
  • Retail. To offer e-commerce products to online customers.  
  • Engineering. To create product designs.  
  • Real Estate. To show future or existing homes and buildings to potential home owners. 

In the next years, render will probably expand into many other industries. Moreover, with the appearance of new gadgets, such as drones or virtual reality glasses, they have further increased its growth. For instance, the introduction of renders in architectural large scale projects by using drones. A good example of drone renders is the renovation plan to Barça Stadium, by Nikken Sekkei.

Drone render for Barça Stadium renovation plan

In conclusion, we are in the beginning of the 3D rendering era and we have to take advantage of what renders offer us. If you are interested in learning more about this kind of services check out our latest Posts

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