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Nowadays, most of the images that we see on media, from furniture advertising to animated cartoons are made with 3D rendering. In the last years, the market of 3D rendering has experienced an exponential growth thanks to the last motor renders which make images with higher quality and faster renders, so it is not only accessible to large organizations with deep pockets. So, what is a render?

A render is a 2D image obtained as a result of a process called 3D rendering. The 3D rendering consists on turning information from a 3D model into an image. The result of this process is an hipper-realistic image or a non-realistic image, depending on the intent of the process. The 3D rendering process requires not only a knowledge of the technique but also experience. What the process involves is: 

  • 3D modelling. The object that we use to make a render is a 3D model and it can have any size and form. Then, we choose the scene or the point of view that we want to show of the model. 
  • Rendering. Once we have the model finished the next step is working on the render. For this, we need to apply lightning effects and textures to the model. With this process it is important to keep on mind what kind of image we want to obtain. After th, we proceed to render the model using a render motor. It is going to convert the 3D model into a 2D image with high-resolution. 
  • Postproduction. The last step consists on polishing the render to meet the clients’ expectations using an editing and manipulation software.  

The variation of the result of the rendering process depends on the treatment that we apply to the scene. Therefore, we can obtain thousands of different results depending on how we treat the image. So, we have to take advantage of what technologies offer at the moment. If you feel that communication with the clients is complex and not fluent, consider the support of a visualization platform.  Companies using this support are increasing their ability to understand their clients and they are able to express their ideas in a better way.

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